Sunday, 26 June 2022



The selected candidates will get chance to act or work in our Film Friendship Production projects (Films/Series)

A Friendly Request


Vanakkam.. Namaskaaram.. Good Morning..

Dear Friends..

For the last 4 years I had uploading various videos in our channel KBV Reels. And I had done many changes in making and content of the videos each time as experimented again and again.

At last, I had decided what to do, how to do and which topics to be commented etc. And for the last two months, I had uploaded an introduction or sample video on each topic.

This is the 12th year of our Film Literature Confluence. So I had restarted the monthly programs of the confluence after a break, because of covid lockdown. Along with that, Talent Sangamam, Cinema Sangamam, Film Research Documentary and many other good things also had been initiated

These are services!  

Film Friendship Production, making films, taking film series, writing books, writing screenplays are my works. I am doing the services parallel only to the main works.

Our channel have only two objectives. One, should help everyone to speak English and two, should guide friends to make Films. That’s all!

And, I had started to watch all the topics based on cinema, society and a little literature from an alternate point of view,  from my angle and comment.

Now, I am going to make videos on each topic set by set, as seasons. As the 1st season going to concentrate on Easy English, some tips to speak English easily, and I had started to tell some notes on Cinema and English under the playlist Cinema & English.

Apart from that, I had started to tell Ponniyin Selvan novel as a story in English. I am doing this with a confidence to create an interest to speak English through hearing story in English.

I am inviting the friends also to participate in these attempts. Friends who could not speak English, please come to speak English, daringly, even with mistakes. Friends who could speak English, come to speak in a simple way as encouraging others, as everyone can understand.

Make your videos as small videos. and send to me. I am waiting to compile and publish them here under English Sangamam. You can talk on any topic, but not more than 2 or 3 minutes. And make them as all the family members can sit and watch together!

Send your videos by WhatsApp or email

This is a different attempt, an attempt useful for everyone. This may be useful for you, or may be useful for some others, or.. may be useful for me!

So Friends, Please subscribe the channel (youtube/kbv reels).. Watch continuously.. and Recommend to your friends also…


with love

Kamalabala B.Vijayan

Friday, 3 June 2022

Film Literature Confluence - Restart

 After a long break because of the Covid lockdown, Monthly meetings of Our Film Literature Confluence are restarting now.

I requesting all the friends to attend and make the program a success

With Regards

Kamalabala B.VIJAYAN

Sunday, 1 May 2022

Film Research Documentary Basic Questionnaire

 Film Research Documentary Basic Questionnaire

Dear Friends 

You can use this questionnaire and record your memories. views and opinions.

And you can record the interviews of your friends also.

(The questionnaire is not fixed, You can improve and change for a good result)

Send your recordings to my WA number or 

with regards

Kamalabala B.Vijayan 

Wednesday, 27 April 2022

New Life… New Beginning…


Vanakkam.. Namaskaram.. good morning


After a long break I am writing here. Actually I took som many breaks in the past also. For the last 11 years I am writing here. (making videos for 4 years in youtube channel). And I took breaks now and then.

In the break I will collect suggestions and opinions of my friends and will correct or improvise the content of videos. No it reached a limit.

After the Covid lockdown, In last January really planned to restart everything freshly. But couldn’t. We have to shift our residence to our village from Chennai. And now I am working from the village and Chennai.

This is the third part in my life. So put all the works done so far as a practice/ experience/lessons and starting everything fresh now,

This is 12th Anniversary year for our Film Literature Confluence. So, we are going to launch a few attempts like Cinema Paractical, Film Consultancy, Screenplay Station along with Film Friendship Production, that is already launched. And we are going to make Film Research Documentary.

I am going to tell Ponniyin Selvan in English in our channel. And some more topics also will be in the channel.

Dear friends, please watch the videos, read the articles or notes here and comment your opinions or suggestions.

You can comment in Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu, Kannada, Hindi or English.  Your opinions and suggestions will help to improve the content and style of videos and the articles.    

Our Aims:

Bring a respect for Screen Writers and Film Producers in the film field,

Conducting  our Confluence continuously in a different way

and Bring a change in Film Field through Film Friendship Production.



Help everyone to learn Cinema and Guide everyone to create cinema..

Help everyone to speak English and encourage everyone to write in mother tongue…


 Film Frienship Production

 This is the Main objective

Base for all works

Practical on the basis of content in the book Cinema the Art of Producers and Everyone Can Make Movies.

Working not in the convention system, but in an alternate way.


 Special Cinema Practical Workshop & Film Shoot

 Special Cinema Practical Workshop & Film Shoot is an introduction of all above works related to cinema, and a chance to work in practical with the Projects.

This will be helpful for all to learn and create films within their budget and sources.


Tuesday, 12 April 2022

Again a Fresh Start

Dear Friends

Everything starting freshly today. 

So, all the pages will be updated and all the details will be published in the coming days.

KBV Reels (our channel) also will be updated and the videos will be uploaded regularly.

Hoping to get all your cooperation..

with regards

Kamalabala B.VIJAYAN

Tuesday, 18 January 2022

So Far... Now Onward...

Dear friends,
I started this blog just like a time pass and used to share some information about my works and our Film Literature confluence in the past years. And changed the topics and pages now and then to find and fix a new style. But I didn't concentrate on this sincerely to develop so far. 

Now I want to develop this site as a regular platform to share my writing works, to tell about all other works and to develop our youtube channel KBV Reels
So, I am just concluding all the data of blogging and videos till date as trial or old post.

Blog Stats
Total views: 155068
Followers: 12
Blog archive: 762
Comments: 9

KBV Reels Stats
Views: 6107
Videos: 392
Subscribers: 183

And from now onward, I am going to make the posts in a NEW style,    

Confirmed to concentrate mainly on Two main objectives. 
1. To help everyone to speak English
2. To guide everyone to make Films.

And decided to use English for the regular posts  and to use Tamil and Malayalam for some special topics when needed, and to use Telugu, Kannada and Hindi for selected special posts only when needed compulsorily

18th January 2022

Sunday, 8 August 2021


என்னைப்பற்றி... ABOUT ME..

கமலபாலா பா.விஜயன் 
Kamalabala B.VIJAYAN


நான் ஒரு

கடவுளை வணங்கும் பெரியாரிஸ்ட்...

முதலாளித்துவத்தை மதிக்கும் கம்யூனிஸ்ட்...

பக்திக்கு துணை நிற்கும் தீயிஸ்ட் (நாத்திகன்)...

கட்டுப்பாடுகளை விரும்பும் பெமினிஸ்ட்...

உள்ளூர் மொழிகளை ஊக்குவிக்கும் நாஷனலிஸ்ட் (தேசியவாதி)...

இலக்கியங்கள் நிறைய படிக்காத நாவலிஸ்ட்...

பொழுதுபோக்கில் புதுமை தேடும் ஸ்க்ரீன்ப்ளே ஸ்பெஷலிஸ்ட்...


--- கமலபாலா பா.விஜயன்


To Know About Me


 You can call me as :                 Kamalabala (B.VIJAYAN )

You can find me at :                 5/172, Rajagopalapuram Main Road,

Sulochana Nagar, Moulivakkam,

Chennai- 600116.

You can call me on :                +919445376497

You can mail me on :               email:

You can treat me as :                Family man (Wife: Jayalakshmi, Daughter: Vijila,                                                             Son: Vimal)

You can respect me for :           Age of 56 years (Born on 15th March 1965)

You can certify me as :             A holder of Diploma in Mechanical                                                                      Engineering

You can access me for :            The experience i.e.,

So far…

Wrote          Thirukkural Eliyakural in Thamizh,

Thirukkural Eliyakural in English and Malayalam

(Transliterated and Translated),

Cinema, the Art of Producers in English and Thamizh,

Karl Marxin Kavithaikal,


Puratchiyin Mugham – Che,

Khalil Gibran Kathaikal,

Padmarajan Thiraikkathaikal,

Keralathil Oru Africa,

Ponniyin Selvan (Screenplay Version & Short Versions) and

Five more new titles in Thamizh                                               


Manasatchipechu (4 Short Films)


(Film Friendship Production Project No: 1)(In Tamil)



Film Literature Confluence

successfully for the last eleven years continuously to make a friendship circle amongst the film fraternity and unite both the film and literary fields together.                                            


11th Anniversary Initiative..

Story Telling in KBV (youtube channel)

Ponniyin Selvan & Oru Cinema Kathai

(To help everyone to speak English &

To guide everyone to make Films…)                                                 V-Books


Film Friendship Production

(Group Production & Executive Production)

Completed Project No: 1 

Lunched Project No: 2

Current Target : Vanthiyathevan

         (Based on Kalki's Ponniyin Selvan)

You can talk to me in :                 Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu,                                                                                                 English, Hindi & Kannada

You can visit me at :              (this site)


                                                                    –  Kamalabala

Friday, 16 July 2021

Two Stories



Dear friends

When I plan to restart making videos for this channel, i had decided to tell a story along with some other topics. And I was making preparation for the storytelling also. I took the last two weeks for that preparation only. But now I am going to tell two stories simultaneously. Because I think only one is not enough to reach all my friends.

So I would like to tell two stories of two different genres. First one is ‘white magic’. It's a fantasy story, mainly meant for the children or students of high school. And I am sure that it can be enjoyed by the elders also.

Actually the subject was made years ago. At that time I made this subject to make a fantasy film. But it could not be materialized because of some other reasons. So I put the subject on the rack. When I plan to tell a story here, I think that story is best because at that time itself I tried to write this subject as a novel. I made the preparations for the novel writing.

So now I could easily use the subject to tell as a story here. And now I am going to join the content of a popular novel inside this story. When the story is going on friends can understand which is the story incorporated in the content. And I request the children and students to find the story incorporated or joined inside this story and go to read that novel also.

Because of joining that story our story will be lengthened some more, but I hope this will entertain you.

Second one is ‘Oru Cinema Kathai’ which means a film story. But I prefer the Tamil title itself because it is totally based on the Kollywood films and film field. I am making this story for my friends in the film field. But everyone can enjoy this story. I want to make this story for all my friends who love cinema and literature. I have no plan to make online order, middle, incidents or climax etc.

I am just starting to tell this story as on when I got the ideas. This story is inspired by some of my friends in this film field and inspired on some films and the total film field. May be related to other film fields also. Now I fix only a few characters and I would like to develop these characters and incidents related to these characters. And I am going to develop the story step by step as the characters developing.

I have no fixed plot or climax to go forward. If any friend comment or send some ideas, that will be also come under this story. I would like to tell everything about the films and film fields, and society also through characters and incidents in this story.

So dear friends. I hope both these stories will entertain you and give something to think. I am going to tell these stories simply, slowly and naturally.

If you want to read the story as text, please follow our site Of course you can understand the difference between the speaking here or storytelling and the writing.

Now let us start the stories one by one, episode by episode or set by set.


Corona Experience



Dear friends,

There are so many diseases in this world affecting the human life. The latest one is Covid 19 that is Corona!

My family and myself also affected by the corona virus and hospitalized for a short period and had home quarantine for a long period. Now I want to share my experience related to this disease to my friends. I hope this will give some confidence for the patients and all my friends fear of Corona virus.

In the beginning of the last month, my wife and myself got positive report from the RT PCR test and our daughter had to work as our attendant. And one day night we go to our district hospital at Kancheepuram. Even we are residing in the suburban area of Chennai, our home is situated in the border of Kancheepuram district, That's why we want to go to the Kancheepuram district hospital.

At night we had started to the hospital by an ambulance at eight o'clock and almost at ten o'clock we reached the hospital. But we got admission only after the midnight three o'clock. More than four hours we have to sit and wait for the admission

At that time I saw so many incidents, situations, scenes in front of myself. We were sitting in the reception and after some time we went outside to search for a place to sit and take rest, because we already tired of the disease.

Our daughter also got exhausted and she also had to get treatment from the doctors. There is an open hall outside the hospital. Actually it was under construction and there are so many cement benches inside the hall and the benches were already occupied by patients and other persons coming with the patients.

So we have to find some seats on the pit walls and some cement platforms there. I sat on a pit wall and slanted on a pillar. My wife sat on a small platform, small cement platform. And because of the tiredness she lay down and start to sleep there itself.

The thought of hygiene, cleanness, everything gone away because of the disease and the tiredness. We could not think even about the cleanness.

In that four hours, I watched everything around me when I was sitting in the reception and sitting in the open hall. We could see three deaths in that four hours!

Usually when we saw a dead body, we will keep away from that place and look from your distance. But in that situation, nobody care about the dead body. Even a dead body brought by the health workers on a stretcher in front of us, we just move away our legs to give way for the stretcher. We didn't even stand up and move away.

Not only us, all the persons there are doing the same. And we must notice a situation there. The health workers, doctors, nurses and other staff are hard working throughout the day and night. And of course some of them are in PPE dresses. You can understand the pain and problems of wearing a PPE dress, and especially in the hot days.

The patients are coming continuously one by one. Some with friends some with family etc. The doctors and nurses hurry to check and collect the details of the patients. They have to note the details, that's a clerical work. I could see that the doctors and nurses had to spend about an hour for a single patient to note the details.

They are totally tired of the clerical works more than the medical works. And of course they spent more time for this clerical works than other works. I hope at least in the third wave, the government will notice these problems and help the health workers, doctors and nurses to avoid, at least to minimize their clinical works.

When some patients brought with the family in serious condition the family members are crying, shouting, screaming and came to the reception. The health workers and nurses giving them immediate treatments and then only brought to the wards.

One patient died in that process itself. Dear friends here is the irony! After a few minutes the dead body was brought out on a stretcher and there was there was no relative or family members there. That is the impact of this disease. Usually if a man died, the relatives and friends will come to see as a last chance to see the face. But here, after confirming the death, nobody was coming to see the dead body.

I can see, after a few more minutes, the health workers are bringing the dead body to the mortuary or somewhere. Again, now and then, we can hear the screaming of some other family members outside the hospital peeping through the windows into the ward, as their relatives are dead.

At three o'clock we got admission and went into the ward. And got beds to sleep. After that we spent two more days there.

There is proverb in Tamil, ‘panthikku munthanum, pataikku pinthanum’, which means we must go to the feast first but we must be lagged behind in the war front.

Because I had already heard about the treatment of Covid patients. In the beginning stage the Covid patients are in the wards of many hospitals. They got royal food and royal treatment because even the health workers, doctors didn't know the characters of the disease, characters of the virus. So they kept vigilant and served more.

Some of my friends also got affected by the virus and were admitted in the hospitals at that time. When they came out they came happily because the treatment and the service was like that. But this time, when we are in the hospital, we could not see such a service. No such good food no good service. Of course so many persons are in the ward and the doctors and nurses could not treat all of them like in the past. and a few health workers, doctors also got affected by the virus and went into the quarantine.

So the number of health workers, doctors, nurses are low in the hospitals they have to treat more number of patients. That is the difference. Still in the hospital the doctors and nurses treat the patients with dedication.

So many patients are coming in and after some interval that those patients are discharged from the hospital. After two days we request and discharged from the hospital and came to home quarantine. When we are in home quarantine, of course we have to tell about the beginning.

When we got the positive result from the RTPCR test, immediately the hospital persons informed the corporation and the corporation persons came to our house and put a poster in front of the gate as ‘Covid patients are here’. And they fix the quarantine time for 14 days. Some of the corporation personnel come and sterilize the exterior of our house. But after that, nobody returned to look the patients.

There was no calls. There was no questions, anything about us. My wife and myself have to be inside the house because of the quarantine and my daughter also tired of the service. We have to suffer inside the house. We could not go out.

And after some time the lockdown also came into effect. That is the period make everyone to think about the life from an alternative point of view. The thought about the life totally changed, the perception of the life totally changed.

I called some of my friends to come and bring some things for us. I request come in front of the gate and you can go back. Still so many friends didn't come. I have to search help from the political parties as I got some friends there. Some of the workers came ready to serve us. At that time only we went to the hospital. So we didn't get the service from those persons also.

Here I am not blaming the friends and others. If any friend got affected by this virus and he called me, I will also do the same. I could not go there or I will not go there. That is the impact of this latest disease. No other disease have this impact.

If anyone got affected by a disease, friends and relatives come to serve at least for a single time, but hearing about the Covid everyone have to keep away from the patient. That is a horrible thing.

The quarantine period gave some lessons about the life, new lessons new views, new perceptions. And one thing I want to remind all my friends by this experience, of course we have a bad experience by this disease. We can see a hope because I am sure that this disease is not fatal if we are careful and confident.

The patients must take rest and have good food and the patient should follow the instruction of the doctors and have some simple medicines. That's all. That's enough to overcome these hurdles and get out of the disease.

So I would like to request all my friends affected by the covetous or corona virus or fear of this virus. Don't worry. You can overcome the disease. For that please be careful. Be care on your health and be confident. And if you have some other diseases please treat for them immediately. That is the only problem in this quarantine. Because the Covid virus makes you tired and affect your immune system up to a limit. At that time if you have some other diseases, it may affect your health conditions.

So be careful. You can use allopathic or siddha simple medicines. Already once I told about a simple medicine here itself.

Dear friends, please be careful and confident at least up to you got vaccinated fully and the vaccines came to effect in your body.