Saturday 12 July 2014

The Producers and The Executive Producers

The producer is the owner of a cinema. He is the investor of money. Sometimes, for many reasons, two or more producers started to join together and invest. All who joint together like that become the producers.
At that time, the producers have to take every decision collectively. It may be an ancestral property. So, all the heirs in the family will be producers. Some other time, a limited company having thousands of share holders may produce a film.
In such situations, eventhough all are owners, they used to appoint one among them as the executive producer. All production works will be done under his responsibility. Profit and loss only belongs to the producers.
All these will be under an agreement made among them, which is bind by the rules and regulations. Sometimes family members or friends may work as co-producers to help the producers.
In some particular cases, even the experienced producers also name their wife or children as producers because of legal problems or not interested to propagate self.  Legally all the bank accounts and rights will be with others. But, all the decisions regarding the film production will be taken by the family head itself. The whole world will know that he is the real producer.
Usually the popular stars, directors, producers, politician and many like these are producing the films in this manner.

(Even legally produced under many names, the world will know who the real producer is. I hereby added the list producers on this base only. Heirs of some pioneer producers are continueing production under the same banner, even after the demise of the pioneer. As a homage to those pioneers, I hereby added the films produced by the heirs also in  the list of pioneers.)    

FLC 3rd Anniversary and FLD

Again I took a break about a month for the preparation works because of some financial problems. Now I am starting the works of Film Literature Directory to launch formally on the 3rd Anniversary of Film Literature Confluence. Only after that, the the directory in this site will started to be. filled