Wednesday 22 January 2020

10th Anniversary - the beginning


Film Literature Confluence


Conducting Film Literature Confluence successfully for the last nine years continuously to make a friendship circle amongst the film fraternity and unite both the film and literary fields together.     
Conducted ‘Felicitation Meets’ for the last few years, for selected films released in Tamil every month. And this confluence is the pioneer in this area, to honour selected class as well as mass films and its technicians.
As so many associations and colleges started to do the same, the Film Literature Confluence changed the style of function from monthly meet to annual festival.
10th Anniversary of the Film Literature Confluence will be in February 2020 (Date and Venue will be announced soon). In that occasion, 10 Tamil films nominated from the films released in the year 2019 will be honoured. As a new beginning, 5 Tamil novels nominated from the novels published in 2019 also will be honoured.
The Artistes/Creators/Producers/Directors of  the selected films and Writers/Publishers of the selected novels will be specially felicitated in the meet.
The standard and simplicity (uniqueness) of the function will be maintained to attract all, without making it like a commercial TV award function or a high level literary function.  

Starting on the Anniversary