Friday 31 May 2013

Favourite Films

Many critics and writers are writing articles related to films, especially film reviews. Now I also want to write something about films.  But I want to write something different from the usual line. At the same time I know that most of the readers like to know the news and reviews of new films.
            So, I would like to write articles, more than usual review, but not like criticism, about both old and new films. And I want to use my language knowledge in this attempt. I can see, enjoy and write about films in six languages: Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Hindi and English.
            For the time being, I want to write the articles in English and translate to Tamil as the first step. The friends in other languages can translate the articles using  any translating software from the net.
            I want to write articles about a few selected films in these languages. I fixed some rules on me to select the films in this regard. I am an ordinary film fan (not a fan of any artiste) and not a professional critic. So, I will select a few films that touched my mind. That may include some films got awards, some got appreciation of ‘intelligent’, some received well by the audience and some films which I liked even when others didn’t liked.

            I want to write about new films and old films (Favorite films). I hope these notes may useful for one who just wants to know about those films. 

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