Monday 13 May 2013

Thirukkural Eliyakural – Request

Dear friends,

I am not a scholar either in Thamizh or in English. I studied both the languages up to the standard of 10th only. And that is in Malayalam medium school. So, you can guess the standard of my Thamizh and English.
I want to learn Thirukkural and keep it as my dictionary for the life. And I want to share this couplets to all, who are more or less equal to my standard. So, I write this Thirukkural Eliyakural (as noted in my preface).
So, I request all the friends, who reading this couplets, to send your opinions and suggestions to improve them and making more simple as every school student can understand these couplets.
And I humbly request the scholars of both language, to inform me the mistakes in these couplets. I will accept your suggestions and corrections.
Hoping to get your feedbacks..

With regards
Kamalabala (Vijayan.B)  

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