Saturday 6 July 2013

Film Directory

Even compiling all address and details of film and literature friends in the friends circle, there are so many personalities in the field as our colleagues and other related people.
So many friends ask us the contact address or phone numbers often for some personalities, they have no personal contact with me. The friends asking me because we are conducting the film literature confluence and film friendship confluence, and they think that we know all the personalities.
Thus we found the need of a film directory for everyone in the field. Even the experienced managers also search for some phone numbers in shooting spot. So a new type directory is needed for all from new comers to experienced ones. And it should be more than a printed directory.
This Film Directory will be useful for all. We are compiling the address and phone numbers of all persons as well as film service companies and institutions. (The sample is posted for the time being and will be updated soon) Apart from friends, creators all the categories of film field will be added in the directory.    
The friends in the friends circle will be added in the directory. The persons not in the friends also will be listed in this directory. Not only the personalities themselves, but the associations and groups also can send the address and phone numbers of all personalities to That will be added in the directory.

We are planning to compile directory of all film industries, starting from Tamil and Malayalam. This will be a success only if you all support and extend your help by all means. Hope this will be useful for all in the field and hope to get your help and feedback positively.

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