Saturday 6 July 2013

Friends Circle

… From Scripts to Screen… From Fans to Creators…

We started Film Literature Confluence to unite film field and literature field together and make a friendship circle in the film field. We had conducted the confluence ten times so far in the last two years.
Now we want to make this confluence useful for everyone joining this attempt. So we wish to continue the confluence every month uniting the creators and film students in any film institute or colleges where visual communication is taught. And we wish to conduct Film Friendship Confluence once in three months to make all producers, technicians all others with the creators and students.
By conducting Film Literature Confluence we got many new friends. Many persons came to the meetings or call me and appreciate my effort. But we couldn’t keep in touch with them continuously. I didn’t collect their details except the phone numbers.
The purpose of the confluence is to make a friendship among the film personalities and literary people. For that, everyone must have the access to reach one another. And for that purpose everyone should have a platform to get the contact numbers and know the details of all at any time.
These thoughts lead me to start this portal in the name It is more than a mere directory. It is started to collect and post all details of film personalities and all details related to the film field and literature field.
This portal will give chance not only for the people already in the field. but also for the new comers to know and contact one another. And this special page FRIENDS CIRCLE is designed exclusively for that purpose. The details of everyone in the film and literature fields will be added here. (As a sample, details of a few personalities are added here). The personalities in all category  will be posted here.      
The posts can be added, corrected or updated at any time. This is the uniqueness  of this portal. Anyone can send the addition, correction or updates through mail to

  Hope this will meet the aim of  Film Literature Confluence and Film Friendship Confluence.

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