Saturday 6 July 2013


Vijayan, the promoter of this site is working in the film industry for many years (see the bio-data). He is writing since the school days and came to film industry on 1996. Even though he is working in the film field with his own name Vijayan.B, he used to write books and other articles with pen name ‘Kamalabala’.
The literary works done by Kamalabala and the articels related to them will be posted here.

For the time being, the articles in this site is written in English( as to reach all the film and literature friends) Kamalabala is using the languages Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu, Kannada, and Hindi to contact the friends in that fields. Some notes in particular language cannot be write, enjoy or understand fully when wrote   in English or other languages. (eg: Songs). And some can read and understand English, but cannot comment or write in English. They can communicate in their mother tongue. In those cases, the posts or comments will be written in those languages. And these are categorized in the pages Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu, Kannada and Hindi.

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