Tuesday 18 February 2014

Love Chapters

Kalaviyal Stealthy love 
109  Thakaiyanankurutthal Blabbering by Love
110  Kurippu Arithal Knowing the Indications
111  Punarchi Makizhthal Rejoicing Union
112  Nalam PunainthuraitthalPraising the Beauty
113  Kaathar Sirappuraitthal Glorifying the Love
114  Naanutthuravuraitthal Defying Modesty
115  Alar Arivurutthal Gossip
Karpiyal Chaste love
116  Pirivu Atraamai Pangs of Separation
117  Padarmelinthirankal Lamenting on Separation
118  Kanvithuppazhithal Pain of Eager Eyes
119  Pasappuru Paruvaral Pailing by Separation
120  Thanippadarmikuthi Frustration by Separation
121  Ninainthavar Pulampal Lamenting on Sorrow
122  Kanavunilai Uraitthal Narrating the Dreams
123  Pozhuthukandu Irankal Evening Sickness
124  Uruppunalan azhithal Losing Charm of Body
125  Nenjodu Kilatthal Talking to the Heart
126  Niraiyazhithal Loosing the Decorum
127  Avarvayin Vithumpal Wailing in Separation
128  Kuripparivurutthal Exchanging Indications
129  Punarchi Vithumpal Languishing for Union
130  Nenjodu Pulatthal Rebuking the mind
131  Pulavi Feigned Anger
132  Pulavi Nunukkam Finesse of Feigning

133  Oodal Uvakai The delight of sulking 

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