Tuesday 6 May 2014


Being an ordinary associate director if I am conducting the Film Literature Confluence successfully for the last three years and resady to conduct the third aaniversary, this success is not only happened because of my hard work but also with the help and encouragement of many.
All the guests and friends participate in the confluences conducted so farwithout any anticipation from me but to encourage my new attempt. Most of the time, I couldn’t serve even a tea for them. Still they showered the love on me. There is no comparison for that. That love and encouragement only give me power to move forward. I am always obliged to thank them. 
I couldn’t leave specifyiing the help of the late Director Sri Balumahendra. He was the first guest of Film Literature Confluence. Usually any special guest will participate only when invited by the organisers of the function properly.
I had decided to conduct the first confluence only without inviting any special guest. Then I send my assistant to spread the invitation to the film students. On the wae one of my assistant went to the film instituteof Balumahendra also. He saw the invitation and talk to myassistant himself. And agree to participate in the confluence! Then only I start to invite other special guests.
Many of us talk that the films and the literature should be united. But most of them will hesitate to attend the function if anyone take a small a step like this. In this situation, Balumahendra agree to participate even without knowing me, who conduct the function. I don’t know how to praise him.
Next person I want to note specifivaly is Sri R.C.Sakthi. When I went to invite him, he agreed to attend the function. That is not a great thing, But, on the day of function, he had to attend dialysis treatment for himself in the morning. Still he came to the function in the evening on time. Usually everyone tell reason to avoid such function, if they suffer from common cold. But he came to the function even in that health stage. How can I praise him!
I got surprised seeing the love of these persons towards the good films, their affection with the literature and their efforts to unite the both. These are my special guest among the guest! I had now words to thank them.
The success of Film literature Confluence only giving me the strength to take the next step like this.
As a Ekalavya, I am putting this book as a tribute to that Dhranachaaryas.

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