Wednesday 5 November 2014


I Want to  do something for the fields of Film and Literature.
Think of many ways.
Wrote some books.
Conducted like Film Literature Confluence 14 times in the last three years.
Plan to develop many things like Film Literature Directory, Film Friendship Service, Academy for film film producers etc., under the Film Literature Confluence.
Fear that all these are deviating me form my personal target, that is 'making film myself'.
Hope the success of my film only will help me to develop my thoughts and these attempts.
So for the time being, I am concentrating on my debut film.
The script work is in the final stage.
Wait a little..
I will restart all these attempts as soon as I start my project practically.
Until that, I will share only my opinions and experience up to date on the making of this project.
For the success of this attempt, I am seeking your blessings and co-operation.

with love
Vijayan.B (Kamalabala)

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