Monday 18 January 2016

Film Literature Confluence – From now onwards

From the experience of working in the film and literary fields so far and conducting the Film Literature Confluence, my opinion or view about the film and literature is changed totally. Especially about the Tamil film industry.
If avoided seeing anything from a single viewpoint, and watched from another viewpoint, many new questions will be raised. Many new answers will be raised for many questions. They will become reasons to change many things regarding the matter and to make more success.
I everything happened, happening and will happen in cinema too. The cinema is known as an art of directors. Even though, most of the films are introduced and known by the name of stars,  sometimes they are known by the name of directors.   
One thing that was forgotten by this theory is the respect or dignity of writers and producers, that has to be given. Still leaving the stars apart (as considering the films with new faces also), the basement of the film is consisted of three factors, i.e., director, producer and writer. For the time being, it is very necessary to bring the respect and dignity for those three equally. If those three got respected equally, many problems seen in the industry will be nowhere. So, honouring those three is the current aim of Film Literature Confluence. The meets will be conducted to reach that target. 
In each meet, the writers, directors and producers of the selected films released from between the meeting day and the previous meeting day, will be honoured. And the artistes and technicians of those films also will be honoured as much as possible.
By talking about the new films released every month and the men who worked in those films, I hope the meets will have a freshness every month. That will encourage me to conduct the meets and all the friends to participate.

I decided to conduct the meets only for two hours. As the film shows in theatres, the meets has to be started and finished on the prescribed time. One hour has to be spent to talk about the selected films, creators and technicians. The next hour has to be used for the interaction with those guests. I request all friends to help and support me to do this.  

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