Sunday 1 May 2016

May Day Song

Mayday is the only day of celebration throughout the world without any difference of religion, nation or culture. Many nations didn’t celebrate English new year day. Many nations following one religion didn’t know even the names of other religious festivals. But, all the nations are celebrating the day of solidarity of workers!
Usually the processions and meeting will be conducted everywhere related to the Mayday. In our nation also, the trade unions affiliated to all political parties are conducting the processions and meetings. Usually the film songs, especially social songs, along with the political songs of the parties will be used in these functions.   
Even there is no separate song for the political party, the social songs from the films will be used extensively in the mayday functions. And mostly, the MGR songs are popular in these functions.
But a few songs used in films, with lyrics related to Mayday are also popular in this matter. The most popular song in this category is the song ‘Erimali eppadi p[orukkum..’ from the film ‘Sikappu Malli’!
There is no other song like this, to praise the Mayday directly. It was written by Vaiaramuthu and composed by Sankar Ganesh. The film was directed by Rama Narayanan and produced by AVM productions.
Sri Rama Narayanan told many things about the making of that film, and especially the recording and shooting of the song. More than that, he reminded once about the impact of the song at the time of the film’s release. Many communist comrades had came to nearby town from their villages to watch the film. And they came as procession of bullock carts in the nights after their day works.

I also had the same experience in our village in that time. This Mayday give the memories of those old days. Thanks to the song! Thanks to the makers of the film! Thanks to the soul Sri RamaNarayanan!    

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