Saturday 7 May 2016

Where is The Social Movements in Tamilnadu?

Whenever the political parties failed to rise up to the need of the time, the other social workers and NGOs only came to help the public and make the politicians and administrators to act on time properly.
Wherever the police and other public service departments hesitate to act to deliver justice, only these social workers and NGOs came to defend the affected persons and fight for them.
In recent days, social movements like this are widely spreading within hours and become national issues because of the social networks and media. And the issue got support from all the directions.  
We can see the ‘Nirbhaya case’ as a good example for that!
Even though there is no much agitations regard this incident in Tamilnadu, prominent social attention and support came from within the state on ground and social medias.
But what happened to those progressive persons and institutions today! Of course the state is under election fever and all the politicians are behind the public to canvas votes. Only because of that, should others also keeping quiet when a voice is needed very much in the society? Or is there no persons apart from politicians to rise the voice for the public?
For the last week, two main issues are alarming in and around the state. One is ‘Nirbhaya case’ of Kerala. May be it is not directly affecting the citizens of Tamilnadu. But, should we have a moral responsibility to react to the issue? (A few activists are raising their views and voices already, regarding this issue in social media. I hope they will support my opinion.)   
Another issue is the NEET. This is affecting the life of many thousand students. I am not worried that the NEET is good or bad, needed or unwanted, state governed or central governed, but my only question why the court making the test compulsory for this year itself. Are the central government and the CBSE is behind this.
It will affect all the students of states like Taminadu. Everybody knows it and accept it. But there is nobody to come forward to protest it in a democratic manner. There is no discussion or debate regarding this. No prominent social movements for the both issues till date in this state!
In Kerala, even that state is also under election fever, the politicians are trying to make the Nisha case as a big social issue and attract votes.
Why our politicians didn’t try to use the NEET even for their election agenda? Something is missing in our social movements!        

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