Friday 15 March 2024

So Far... Now Onward...

Dear friends,
I started this blog just like a time pass and used to share some information about my works and our Film Literature confluence in the past years. And changed the topics and pages now and then to find and fix a new style. But I didn't concentrate on this sincerely to develop so far. 

Now I want to develop this site as a regular platform to share my writing works, to tell about all other works and to develop our youtube channel KBV Reels
So, I am just concluding all the data of blogging and videos till date as trial or old post.

Blog Stats
Total views: 197471
Followers: 11
Blog archive: 770
Comments: 7

KBV Reels Stats
Views: 15031
Videos: 452
Subscribers: 300

And from now onward, I am going to make the posts in a NEW style,    

Confirmed to concentrate mainly on Two main objectives. 
1. To help everyone to speak English
2. To guide everyone to make Films.

And decided to use English for the regular posts  and to use Tamil and Malayalam for some special topics when needed, and to use Telugu, Kannada and Hindi for selected special posts only when needed compulsorily

15th March 2024

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