Saturday 3 June 2017

Work.. Service.. Need..

Film Literature Confluence has been working as an attempt to make a bridge between film and literature worlds, especially to make a contact between the persons working in film field and literary people. It had been became successful up to a limit.
Still I couldn’t involve in this effort fulltime and couldn’t bring it to the next level. I am conducting this only because of my passion and as a service, but didn’t develop it to a movement or institute. My works related to films are the reason for that! 
When allocate time for those works, this service becomes slow. When allocate time to the service, the work had got delayed. Now only I came to understand how to unite both of them and going in a same pace.
The service should be a part of the work or the work should be a part of the service. Along with that, the works of both should be shared among some friends. Now I am going to do this.
The next step of my job is to co-ordinate some selected friends for making the story ‘Ponniyin Selvan’ into a film. (This is dream, hard work, experience and clarity got from these for many years). This work has to be done very carefully. For that I have to find a few assistants. And work together in full pace.
The next step of my service is to join all the friends and well-wishers in to the ‘Cine Artists Circle’ commenced by our confluence. Some friends should be appointed to co-ordinate the continuous programs and an Advisory committee should be made from the friends and well-wishers to select the films, short films and design the programs.
For that, only one thing is needed. I have to meet the friends and film lovers as a first step. If I could meet the persons who really had interest in the activities of this confluence, I could select the persons who are ready to help and interested to work, then I can concentrate on my job, even when conducting the programs successfully.
Many friends are used to come to our confluence meets. And congratulate me! But, I don’t understand who will come and when will come every time. I couldn’t find fully whether they are coming by real interest, for entertainment or time pass, or only for the sake of my invitation. I also didn’t care about all these up to this moment!  
But, these questions are arising in the mind when think of developing the confluence to the next level and think of conducting the programs of films and short film continuously.
More than that, to make the friends think this confluence is useful for them, to make them come to the program even by inviting through a single sms or email, they should feel that they are also a part of this set up.
Only for that I am inviting all the friends to join the Cine Artists Circle. When you join, make your friends also to join this..

Let us join together.. and win together..

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