Tuesday 3 October 2017

Current Targets

From the experience of writing and participating in literary and social works from school days, then working in the film industry for the last twenty two years and conducting Film Literature Confluence for the last seven years, I learned many things theoretically and practically. That made me to rethink the strategy and plans of the confluence and mine. The grand successes and bitter failures give a new perception in all my views.

So I want to concentrate only on a few targets without diverting to other works, even they are good and tempting to follow. As the first step, I fixed ‘Promoting Entrepreneurs (Film production/Publication/Media) and Developing Film Writers as the current targets of Film Literature confluence.

And to prove that I am not just advising others theoretically and really want to do practically, I started my film work (Panakkaran in Thamizh) yesterday. And I have to prove that writing and making films are entirely different and I can do both professionally without disturbing each other. And that is one of the main object of our Confluence too!

So I am announcing now that our Film Literature Confluence is ready to work, guide and co-operate with its members and others to reach the targets of the Confluence.

The details will be announced soon.. 

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