Tuesday 8 January 2019

Special Project Request

Dear Friends,
Even facing many struggles and hurdles, our 'Film Literature Confluence' is going on successfully for the last 8 years continuously. In this occasion, I am thanking all the chief guests, participants, patrons and friends, who made this attempt a success.
In the Successful 9th year, we are marching ahead in a broader way. The First Step in that way is; 'Institute of Practical Cinema' and 'Film Friendship Production'.
The aim of these two is, to make everyone understand 'How to Make Films  in Low Budget'. Not to make Low Budget movies, but to make movies in Low Budget!
In this way, our current target, the dream project is; making the novel 'PONNIYIN SELVAN' as a film in Tamil.
I think this is a chance, given by the Time, to make a film, the persons like ‘Puratchi thalaivar’ MGR, Kamalhasan, Manirathnam and many want to make.
In the current situation, everyone knows that the 'Ponniyin Selvan' can be made into a film of three parts, only with a budget of 'minimum 300 crores'. And I know better than you that, we can't do it in this situation.
That is why I made a PROJECT ROUTE aiming at the current target.
Before making Ponniyin Selvan, we are planning to make a Mass Hero Movie, with a budget of 30 crores. Before that we are planning to make a Heroine oriented Movie, with a budget of 3 crores. Before that we are planning to make a New Face artiste’s Movie, with a budget of 1.5 crore. Before that we are planning to make a Low Budget Movie, along with Twin dramas based on Ponniyin Selvan. And planning to release both simultaneously.
As a beginning or base for all these projects, we want to shoot the low budget movie now. For that, we need your help and co-operation. The investors of this project will be paid 20% profit on investment and a book on update notes and details of every day actions of this production. Hope this will be very useful for everyone!
This project is planned not only to collect fund for this production, but to attract many new comers to the industry, mainly to the production field.
To join this project, no need to send money in advance. Tell what amount you are interested to invest and Send it only before shooting starts…
Join as a Student Producer to Learn...    Accompany as a Co-Producer to Earn... 
Co-operate as a Patron to Encourage...

With love
Kamalabala B.Vijayan

For translation of this request in Tamil (video) and more Details/Updates…

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