Saturday 27 July 2019



I am Kamalabala B.Vijayan

Working in the film field for the last 23 years..

Worked as a Writer, Associate Director, Assistant Director and Co-Director in Malayalam, Thamizh, Telugu and Kannada..

Conducting Film Literature Confluence for the last 9 years..

Made many celebrities from Film and Literature to participate in the meets..

Conducted many functions like Felicitation meets.. Review meets.. Cinema classes..

Simultaneously involved in Literature also..

Often, writing and publishing books..

Now I am publishing my books in Amazon Kindle..

My Current Targets..

Make Hit Movies with Minimum Budget,
 Make a 3 parts Grandeur Film based on the novel Ponniyin Selvan,
Make a Creative & Marketing Network for Films and Literature,
Make a Group production system in Film field, Become a good Writer and a good Producer in all languages known, are my current targets..

Dreamed for 40 years… Hard worked for 30 years… Researched for 9 years…

And I am starting a new journey in a new path, Found by the Experiences got and Lessons learned from those years.. encouraged by the Alternate View..

I am not going through the usual path in which all are going..

I am trying for a different attempt..

Surely this will give me success.. Guide others.. and Bring a change in the Film Field..

I know very well that I could not make a big film like Ponniyin Selvan, for the time being..

That is why I made a Project Route to reach that target and travelling through the route..  

Should make a Big buget film before Ponniyin Selvan.. that means a Hero film..

a Medium budget film before that..

a Small budget film before that..

and a Film with very small budget before that..

And parallel to these works, should run a Institute of Practical Cinema..

Surely will reach the big targets by developing step by step in this style..

To begin these works.. To implement the planned works.. and prior to all,
I should prove that I can do all these..

For that I want to make a film with very minimum budget..

Really it is a film without budget.. No Budget Film..

May called it as a Demo Project..

To shoot the 1st Schedule for that film, I am requesting your help..

It is a type of Crowd Funding.. The amount getting by this way is its budget..

The First Step of the future group productions..


Join this project and Help as Co-Producers or Patrons..

The friends having negative thoughts like, ‘It is impossible, how it will happen’ may avoid this project…

The friends asking “Tell the story and then we will join” also may avoid this project for the time being…

If I want to tell story and convince a producer, I might became a director and made a film many years ago…

To change that routine way is the main objective of this project…

Let me explain the details some other time…

Now, all the friends believing me, and joining this project to help me, will be the ‘Founder Co-producers’ of our projects…

They will get the due respect and priority
in the future group productions also...

Who want to know about the cinema really,
or want to encourage a good attempt in film field.. please join this project…

If didn’t like all those… the friends like to help me personally,
please help me..
just as a FRIEND…

with love..
Kamalabala B.Vijayan

account number..


youtube/Sangamam Tele Vision

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