Sunday 19 July 2020

Again a Good Start

Dear friends,
Almost for the last two and half years, I am making small videos and uploading in this channel, in this site. And a few times, I changed the style and content of the videos also. Of course, I changed, and repeated the content again and again to improve the quality of the videos.
Because, as creator I couldn’t be satisfied with the quality of the videos. I want to make it perfect as possible as I can. So I request my friends to comment their opinions and suggestions on the videos. Actually I shared only a few videos to my friends. Other videos I just uploaded and watched myself, to check and improve the quality.
So many friends tell their suggestions and opinions on the style and content of the videos. They suggest to change even my look, left or right, chin up and down, and voice modulation etc.
I would like to thank all my friends, for their valuable opinions and suggestions. By accepting all opinions and suggestions, I want to change the content a little and start all the videos freshly. But, I think it is not enough. So, now I am totally restarting the videos, restarting the content, including the stories and lessons, and other points.
I am going to restart freshly. All the videos uploaded so far, will be treat as a trial. I will put them in the playlist of trial. And I am sure that, in future, after making so many videos and playlists, this old post or trials will be a lesson for others to follow the style of making videos. And those will be the symbol of hard work and confidence to change for a better quality.
Suggestions and opinions of my friends gave me confidence, make me self confident to take some bold decisions. They help me to clear some doubts confusions in the mind.
So far, I made so many videos, but something is missed in those videos. Now I understand what the reason is. It was that I had no target or aim for the videos uploaded so far. Now I fixed the target, aim or objective of the videos.
Only two objectives! In society, in my friends circle, I would like to help all my friends to learn spoken English. I would like to help all my friends to speak English, at least to understand the English speaking. The second one, I would like to help all my friends in the film field, or all my friends like to enter the film field, to become producers.
For those objectives, I am changing the style and content of videos freshly.  From now onward, following the style in the past also, I would like to tell one story, ie, a fiction and one lesson, ie, a not fiction everyday. Seven stories and seven lessons for a week. All in English! That is the new decision taken with confidence.
And in parallel to the regular videos, special videos on our ‘Film Literature Confluence’ or ‘Online Sangamam’ and ‘Doubts and Notes’ etc. in Tamil or other languages as Special Videos. For regular videos, as I told already, I selected seven stories for the time being, Vanthiyathevan, Jayabharatham, Corona Dreams, Tharavaadu, Kinder Games, Aarambham and White Magic. And the lessons with a slight change in the new style, Personal Lessons, Family Lessons, Social Lessons, Work Lessons, Love Lessons and Cinema Lessons along with one day for Open Diary or Social Diary. These also will be in English.
And the content of the videos will be published in our in writing in English and Tamil. I hope this writing and the speech or story telling will be useful for my friends to learn English. And the content of the special videos will help my friends to understand the points or topics about the film field.
Once again I am reminding that there is no compulsion to make minimum videos per day. I don’t want to make pressure on my head itself. Whenever I will get time, I will record and upload the videos. But, I would like to follow the time table as from Sunday to Saturday as from Vanthiyathevan to White Magic and Open Diary or Social Diary to Cinema Lessons. And in parallel special videos, and if I get time, I will upload more videos. There is not limit also.
I request all my friends to like the videos, comment your opinions or suggestions, share the videos to your friends and especially children. Please recommend to your friends and children to watch these videos. Subscribe this channel and follow
Thank you.

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