Sunday 19 July 2020

Speaking and Writing

Dear friends,
In any language, speaking and writing is totally different. When a person speaks directly or through videos like this, the audience or the viewer can see the face of the speaker. He can hear the voice of the speaker. So the viewer can watch the face reactions, the body language and hear the voice modulation. according to the body language. And he can understand the content of the speech. He can understand what the speaker is telling.
Eventhough the speaker committed some mistakes, in words or sentences, or make mistakes in grammar, the viewer can understand what the speaker is going to tell.
But in writing, The writer and the reader may not be in the same place. May not be in the same time also. The reader cant see the feelings, body language, face reaction of the writer when he was writing the content. So the reader could not understand what the writer is telling, without any description for the feeling or modulations. So in writing additional descriptions for the feeling and body language should be there to convey the content to the reader.  
In speaking, when the speaker speaks, if he commit mistakes in word or sentence, he can stop there and correct, by telling the words like ‘That means’ ‘Which means’ etc and he can correct the word or sentence again. In writing the writer cant do that. He has to correct and the final word only will be published. That should be like that. Then only it will be a good writing.
If you want to speak as in writing, it will be a boring one. And if you write as speaking, it will be something odd to read. Both are different in style and mode of receiving.
Here also I am following the same style.  When I am speaking here, I will use the casual language, very simple language. Even I commit mistakes in words, sentence or grammar, I will ‘try’ to correct immediately. Otherwise I will left as it is. But, when copy the content to writing in our site, I have to follow the grammar a little bit. I have to correct the mistakes and I have to avoid the repetition. The speaking here and the writing in our site will be different in some matters.
So, I request all my friends to remind this when go through the readings and watching the videos. Then only you can follow the both for the purpose of understanding the content and learning the language.
Once again I request all my friends to like, share, comment and subscribe the channel and follow also. And now onward we can enter into the stories, lessons and special videos.

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