Wednesday 27 April 2022

New Life… New Beginning…


Vanakkam.. Namaskaram.. good morning


After a long break I am writing here. Actually I took som many breaks in the past also. For the last 11 years I am writing here. (making videos for 4 years in youtube channel). And I took breaks now and then.

In the break I will collect suggestions and opinions of my friends and will correct or improvise the content of videos. No it reached a limit.

After the Covid lockdown, In last January really planned to restart everything freshly. But couldn’t. We have to shift our residence to our village from Chennai. And now I am working from the village and Chennai.

This is the third part in my life. So put all the works done so far as a practice/ experience/lessons and starting everything fresh now,

This is 12th Anniversary year for our Film Literature Confluence. So, we are going to launch a few attempts like Cinema Paractical, Film Consultancy, Screenplay Station along with Film Friendship Production, that is already launched. And we are going to make Film Research Documentary.

I am going to tell Ponniyin Selvan in English in our channel. And some more topics also will be in the channel.

Dear friends, please watch the videos, read the articles or notes here and comment your opinions or suggestions.

You can comment in Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu, Kannada, Hindi or English.  Your opinions and suggestions will help to improve the content and style of videos and the articles.    

Our Aims:

Bring a respect for Screen Writers and Film Producers in the film field,

Conducting  our Confluence continuously in a different way

and Bring a change in Film Field through Film Friendship Production.



Help everyone to learn Cinema and Guide everyone to create cinema..

Help everyone to speak English and encourage everyone to write in mother tongue…


 Film Frienship Production

 This is the Main objective

Base for all works

Practical on the basis of content in the book Cinema the Art of Producers and Everyone Can Make Movies.

Working not in the convention system, but in an alternate way.


 Special Cinema Practical Workshop & Film Shoot

 Special Cinema Practical Workshop & Film Shoot is an introduction of all above works related to cinema, and a chance to work in practical with the Projects.

This will be helpful for all to learn and create films within their budget and sources.


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