Sunday 26 June 2022

A Friendly Request


Vanakkam.. Namaskaaram.. Good Morning..

Dear Friends..

For the last 4 years I had uploading various videos in our channel KBV Reels. And I had done many changes in making and content of the videos each time as experimented again and again.

At last, I had decided what to do, how to do and which topics to be commented etc. And for the last two months, I had uploaded an introduction or sample video on each topic.

This is the 12th year of our Film Literature Confluence. So I had restarted the monthly programs of the confluence after a break, because of covid lockdown. Along with that, Talent Sangamam, Cinema Sangamam, Film Research Documentary and many other good things also had been initiated

These are services!  

Film Friendship Production, making films, taking film series, writing books, writing screenplays are my works. I am doing the services parallel only to the main works.

Our channel have only two objectives. One, should help everyone to speak English and two, should guide friends to make Films. That’s all!

And, I had started to watch all the topics based on cinema, society and a little literature from an alternate point of view,  from my angle and comment.

Now, I am going to make videos on each topic set by set, as seasons. As the 1st season going to concentrate on Easy English, some tips to speak English easily, and I had started to tell some notes on Cinema and English under the playlist Cinema & English.

Apart from that, I had started to tell Ponniyin Selvan novel as a story in English. I am doing this with a confidence to create an interest to speak English through hearing story in English.

I am inviting the friends also to participate in these attempts. Friends who could not speak English, please come to speak English, daringly, even with mistakes. Friends who could speak English, come to speak in a simple way as encouraging others, as everyone can understand.

Make your videos as small videos. and send to me. I am waiting to compile and publish them here under English Sangamam. You can talk on any topic, but not more than 2 or 3 minutes. And make them as all the family members can sit and watch together!

Send your videos by WhatsApp or email

This is a different attempt, an attempt useful for everyone. This may be useful for you, or may be useful for some others, or.. may be useful for me!

So Friends, Please subscribe the channel (youtube/kbv reels).. Watch continuously.. and Recommend to your friends also…


with love

Kamalabala B.Vijayan

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