Monday 22 April 2013


After a long break, now I am restarting to write. In the meantime, I came across many writing works, blogging, facebok and other networks. But nothing impressed me so much. So, I couldnt involved in those things more. I think of many other alternate options to make me engaged.
As the main profession , I had to work on film scripts and now I am in the preliminary stage of my directorial debut. Parallel to these works, I conducted Film Literature Confluence ten times in the span of the last two years. Only to develop it more effectively and to take it to the next level I started this website and writing here.
Because of the long break and because of the laziness that affected me in the last few years, I couldnt restart writing fast. So, I will write the details step by step in coming days. Hope to reach my regular writing pace very soon.
Actually I started this web on the first week of this month. When going to start the web, I met Akaramuthalvan on the way and he invited me to the function to review his new book. So, I decided to restart writing with article about his book. Unfortunately, the function was postponed for a week. But I didnt changed my decision and I wait for the function. That was conducted yesterday, and I attended the function,
Now I restarted writing and I hope you, all my friends will support and encourage me to continue writing.

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