Sunday 1 September 2013

Postponing Friendship

A break time came as usual after conducted the Film Literature Confluence ten times and before conducting the next confluence. It was the time, that I am struggling to get the money to conduct the confluence, and doing some translation works for dubbing films.  A thought blossoms in my mind. 
I noticed a fact in the last ten confluences. Who came once for the confluence didn’t came again for the next confluence! (A few came regularly, give support and became my friends. They are exemptions).  
Always I send message to everyone who attends the confluence once and to the film people who talk to me even once about the confluence. I invite all by giving the notice, walking through the streets, going to the colleges and standing in front of the parks. The new faces attend the confluences every time are the result of that hard work.
I got a doubt that whether all think that this meeting is conducted for the intelligent literary people and for the persons who take only award films!
So, to prove that the aim of the confluence is to unite all creators, write and technicians in the film and literature field, I decided to conduct the confluence as Film Friendship Confluence. I note this matter in the notice of the 11the confluence also.
But, some of my friends came to the last confluence and advise me with love and regards to avoid the name change of the confluence.
They told me that the name ‘Film Friendship Confluence’ (in Tamil) seems like a trade union. They told clearly that the name ‘Film Literature Confluence’ only show the uniqueness of the program, and attract everyone.  So, they insist me to not change the name.  
Really, I want to conduct both Film Friendship Confluence and Film Literature Confluence simultaneously. But the lovely order of these friends make me to think again.
So I postponed the Film Literature Confluence for the time being. I kept the name ‘filmfriendship’ only for my website. And decided to conduct the meetings in the name of Film Literature Confluence itself. 
The old posts written here may be in this site. The friends reading that posts may ask what happened to the film friendship confluence. Both Film Literature Confluence and Film Friendship Confluence are the same and only Film Literature Confluence will be here from now onwards.
The efforts to unite all from the film field and literature field and to increase the size of the friendship circle in the film industry will continue.

Come on friends of both field.. Let us join together.. and Share the happiness. 

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