Sunday 1 September 2013

Start Agaiiiiiiiiin

There are three types of men in the world. One type who are achieving, second type who didn’t care about achievement and the third type who are trying to achieve.
The men who achieve, will start a work anyhow and work hard consistently up to complete it successfully, whether they decided to do. 
In this world, whoever in any field, all who achieved are in this category. But they are very few in numbers.
The men in the next category are those who never care of achievements. They will never think that why they born, why to live. They will use and enjoy all the benefits of every achievement, that made by the hard work and efforts of others. They are many in numbers in this world. 
There are a few in the third category. They would like to achieve something. And will try hard. But they will never complete the task. There are two types of men in this category itself.
Knowingly or unknowingly one type will try to achieve in all areas. At a time in many fields.. In many ways on a single field.. Anyhow they will start all  by all means. But will not complete.
Second type men will know how to achieve something in a field. They will have the ability to complete the task also. So, they will start to work. But, for some reasons they will give up the work on the way itself. 
Then they will feel for it. They will take the work not as a target but the aim of their life. So, they cannot do any other work or work in some other field. And they will never flourish in the life.
Again they will start to work. For a reason that is not a reason, they will again quit the work on the way!
I am also belonging to this category. I came to Chennai with a an aim in my life. I must become a writer in the literary field and become a creator in the film field. Now I completed seventeen years of Chennai life!
In the meantime, I worked as a writer, assistant writer, associate director, co-director, translator and even as censor script writer. And I worked not only in Tamil, but also in Malayalam, Telugu and Kannada films also. I learned to read, speak and even to write these languages.
I wrote hundreds of screenplays. I wrote some books. I gave a few books for publishing under a publication house. They didn’t hurry to print those, and I also didn’t care of that. I published only ‘Thirukkural Eliyakural’ by myself.
There will be an urge now and then to write novels, articles or some others. Usually I will start to write, but will not complete because of family reasons or laziness. 
I started Film Literature Confluence also in the meantime. I conducted the confluence eleven times in the last two years. Really I planned and started to conduct the confluence every month. And I continue this for a few months regularly. 
Then there was a break! I started to conduct the confluence again. Again give a break. Again started!
As it is a good effort, nobody see these breaks as downfall. (But, I know the truth in my mind). And of course, lack of funds is the one of the main reason for the breaks.
A few friends helped me to conduct the confluence. Some came forward to help. But, I didn’t show interest to go and get the help. Usually I told one reason for all these, that is my efforts to become a director in the film field.
My efforts to seek chance for directing a film also in the same style. I will write story, write screenplay, tell about it to friends and will get a confidence that I will surely win the target. But will not do the works to search producers (Investors). I did nothing till date in this regard.
The reason for this action is my creativity. Before completing the screenplay work of a story, another story will occupy the mind and I will start to make screenplay for that story. Not one or two in this way, I wrote more than hundred scripts in this seventeen year span.   
The trend of the subjects will be changed according to the change of time. So, I will make scripts suitable for the trends. And the work had continued again and again.
Sometimes, some other will make films with subject that I had written. That will also made me change to new script works now and then.
I started to write in this blog only to change my character in the meantime. But, in the last two years, I started to bog ‘four times’!
I met a friend working in the media last week. He told that he also tried to write articles continuously and couldn’t write more than one article. Usually I come across many friends like this. Really that give me joy!
Even when we talk about our inability, we all are enjoying the inability of others. The thought that we are not single persons having the inability, make us happy. And there are so many persons like me in the film field. (Really this is only to hide our laziness and inconsistency).   
There are so many talented persons not only in the film and literature field, but also in all other fields.
As usual, I want to change this character.
Not only the talent but also the consistent hard work also needed to achieve something in a field. To reach a target, hard work should be aimed at the target. Up to reach the target!  
Even decided to climb a mountain, many persons start to climb through a side. After climb a half height, they came down to take rest. Then again start to climb through another side. Again came back to take rest or do some works for family income.  
They learned the job of climbing the mountain very well from this experience. But unable to climb even a small hill. 
There are so many talented persons like me is in the Kodambakkam area, But only a ten percent of us can reach the target, and tried again and again. 
Now, I completely understand this bad character in myself. Really saying, I took more than seven months (From January this year I am analyzing sincerely the past actions, achievements  and mistakes I done in life) to realize this!  
Now I know that nothing will be achieved without leaving the laziness and inconsistency.  And I Couldn’t reach the targets without taking a bold decision and follow it strictly.
So, now I decided to avoid all other works except the works of Film Literature Confluence and the works of my directorial debut. 
Now I confirmed to produce and direct my debut film. And I started all the works related to that. 
I want to concentrate on Film Literature Confluence sincerely before the shooting of my film starts. I want to streamline the functioning of the confluence as it will be a great success even after I started directing films.   
And I wanted to write in this site regularly from now onwards. I want to share the progress of works with the friends. And I want to write regularly as it will help the works of Film Literature Confluence by all means.
I hope that there will not be a break in this work. For that, I need to work hard. For that, I need your support and encouragement. I am sure that it will boost my efforts and guide me in proper way. 
with thanks


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