Wednesday 14 May 2014

To Film Friends

I have been conducting this Film Literature Confluence successfully for the past two and a half years continuously with the aim of making a friendship circle amongst the Film Fraternity and also uniting the Film and Literary fields together.
In the confluences, we have been discussing not only about the special, popular and award winning films, but also about good commercial hit films and literary works. We have been discussing not only about quality and literature, but also about the technology, marketing and advertising of the films.
I used to invite a few guest and friends for the function. And many of the friends and others in the film industry participated in the confluences. Of course many of them had idea of film and literature. And they are interested in making the film and literary field united.
But, I want to spread this idea and need of uniting the film and literary fields practically to all from new comers and the film creators who had no good exposure to the literature. They should know the impact of literature on good and hit films. For that I want to make all to unite with this confluence.
I want to share my ideas and intentions to conduct the Film Literature confluence to a wide area. Inviting all to my function is found not enough for that. I think it is better to go the new comers and film lovers to share the ideas than inviting them to the function conducted by me. Hence your help and co-operation hereby solicited.
If any friends group, film clubs, film institutes or any association would like to conduct discussions or meets on any topic related to film and literature, film making marketing of films etc., I will be very happy to participate in that events on behalf of Film Literature Confluence.

So, please conduct a meet related to film and literature and kindly invite to that events.       

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