Monday 2 June 2014

Quality of film and Producer

The screenplay is the first and the foremost reason for the success off films. The director, who visualize the scenes and the producer, who make the film properly and bring to the viewers are only behind that.
The responsibility to fix the qulity of a film will be really belongs to the producer. After decided to make a film based on a story (even it is a epic that everybody know or a new modern thought), the quality of the film will be finalized almost at the moment itself when the producer fix the writer, as he will write screenplay from the story suitable for the film and fix a director, as he can visualize the scenes.  And the success of the film also will be finalized then itself.
There is no chance to lose the quality from what we expected, provided the producer gives all the working conditions and technical support in proper way in time. Of course that is the responsibility of a producer. 
If the producer give up everything without doing his duty, and let the director to do all, the hold of the producer in other things also will be gone away. This is the lesson we taught by the past.
The screen writer will unite everything in imagination. He is the base of the success of the film. The director will design and construct the building over that basement. But the owner of the building is the producer.
So, all the things like ‘how the the building should be constructed’, ‘how much should be spend for it’ and ‘how it will be used’ etc. will be done only according to the thoughts of the producer. In short, the quality of the film will be like the worth of the building and it will be only according to the decisions of the producer.   

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