Monday 18 January 2016

Film Literature Confluence, So far – 3

Rethinking and a small break

I conducted the confluence continuously for three and a half years. Still I couldn’t conduct every month, because of my financial position and busy works, I conducted fourteen times within that period. Got many experiences from that. Conducted on marriage halls and small rooms. A few meets succeeded as more than a hundred friends participated. A few failed by attracting participants below twenty.  
Conducted the meets by inviting chief guests to a single stage. Some were become just ‘friends meet’ without guests. Even after conducted for three and a half year, I think there is something missing in this confluence. So, I give an interval for this program. Analyzed. Think again and again. Search a way to bring up this confluence above my friends circle.    
I learned some lessons from the experience of conducting the meets. Felt some truths. Understand some practical things. Now I started to conduct the confluence in a new light. Has to conduct the meets now onwards without a break. So, find a way to for that.
Understand that, there was a monotonous feeling in the meets so far. Now I decided to avoid that. For that, decided to make a topic related to the current cinema as the main issue of every meet. Then only, it will give pleasure to the friends to participate in the meets and myself to conduct the meets.
And by the time of beginning the confluence freshly, I am thanking all the guests and friends who helped, supported and encouraged the meets so far.

I am paying homage to Sri Balumahendra, Sri R.C.Sakthi and Sri Rama Narayanan, who guided, helped and left us in the world. 

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