Monday 18 January 2016

Film Literature Confluence, So far – 2


‘Good efforts will give good results’. That is general theory. Sometimes, the aim will bring more bright success for that effort. The decision to conduct the Film Literature Confluence without any back ground may be because of my courage. But, the confluence succeeded even before conducting the first meet is only because of its aim!
Sri Balumahendara saw my notice and called on me himself and praise my efforts. That is the best award I got. “We all are talking about this, but you done it..!’ What else will be better success than these words from that pioneer. He not only praise me, but also agreed to be the chief guest of the meet. That is the first success of this confluence.
Sri R.C.Sakthi was also behaved like him. As I told my aim is that to unite the film and literature, he immediately agreed to be chief guest of one meet. Even though he was under dialysis treatment in the morning, he came to the function immediately when reached the home. In this world, where chief guest will cancel their program, he came only to encourage me. Isn’t  because of the aim of the confluence!
Thus I united the film people who loved literature and the literary people who loved films, on a single stage. I think that is really a big success for this confluence. And the confluence created a new friends circle among the film fraternity. That is also a success.

I conducted the confluence continuously for three and a half years. For that, not the creators joined as chief guests are the only reason. The friends helped directly, the good hearts who give financial support, and the film lovers who participated in each meet are also became the reason.  

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