Wednesday 30 March 2016

Pichaikkaaran and Thozha

The Film Literature Confluence is entering the next stage of its growth. It was started by Mr. Balumahendra, brought up by Mr.R.C.Sakthi and Mr.RamaNarayanan, supported by many personalities like R.K.Selvamani, S.Ramakrishnan etc., and helped by many film & literary friends.
Now this confluence is conducting regular meets on selected films releasing every month. In that series, two films Pichaikkaaran and Thozha are selected for the confluence of the month March 2016.
From the 19 Tamil films released so far in this month of March, ‘Enru Thaniyum’ also selected for the meet, in addition to those two films. Having a discussion with Mr.Bharathi Krishnakumar, we decided to conduct a special discussion on ‘Enru Thaniyum’ separately following a screening of that film very soon. So, we are going to discuss about the other two films only.
We are really proud to have two ‘good’ films to be discussed in this meet. Hope this meet will be a turning point in the journey of this Film Literature Confluence.
Both the films were well appreciated by the critics as well as audience, and they became real hits in the box office.
Mr.Sasi, the director of ‘Pichaikkaran’ had consented to attend the function. And Mr.Vamsi P, the director of ‘ Thozha’ had consented to try his best to come from Hyderabad and to participate in this meet. We hope that he will reach on the time. Mr.Murugeshbabu, the dialogue writer of ‘Thozha’ also agreed to participate in this meet.
On that occasion, my friends Mr.Sureka and Mr.Vijaymahindran, both related to films & literature, will present their views on these films. And I hope my friends and colleagues like Mr.Cable Sankar will be participated and had a discussion on stage with the guests.
All these people are going to present their views in this meet. So, I didn’t write my views here for the time being. (Hope to post it after the meet.)

I request the presence of all my friends to make the confluence a grand success.        

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