Monday 16 May 2016

Aravakkurichi – Warning or Compromise?

There is no doubt that the sudden action of the Election Commission is giving us more happiness. Nobody expected this! At the same time everyone want an action like this. That is why everyone accepting this decision.
At the same time, there are some doubts rising in the minds of the public. Is it a prompt decision? Is it acceptable? or Is it enough?
Everyone know that the money was distributed and still it is going on not only in Aravakkurichi, but also in all the 234 constituencies. May be, the money was caught from both the contestants. Otherwise, the Election Commission got the evidences.
The complaints about the money distribution is coming from all the constituencies. All the parties, except DMK and ADMK gave complaints, many times. Both these parties also gave complaints against each other.
Above all these, the Chief Election Commissioner himself tell about it in public. He didn’t what to do. He openly tell his incapable situation in the words ‘Whether I should plead to God?’  
I had only one doubt. Why the Election Commission, which is conducting the elections continuously for many years properly, should confuse in this matter? Why it is hesitating to take stern action. Why it is pleading to the political parties.
Punishing the political parties, who are destroying the democracy through this money distribution, only will be the real justice to the nation.
For that, postponing the election in a single constituency will not be fair in any manner. The votes will be cast for the contestant, who already gave the money, on either 16th or 23rd.  And after releasing the result other constituencies, it will make an impact on the result of this constituency. Will it not make the democracy a buffoonery.
Punishing one who gave money is fair? Before filing case against them and going to court, the power of the Election Commission will be terminated. After that, will the political parties follow the case properly? ‘Will not’ is the answer we learn from history!
Then, giving justice when it is in power is the only answer to solve this problem. The decision should be taken in time. The contestants who gave money should be deleted from the list and the elections should be conducted on the prescribed date itself. The public may select one among the other contestants.

If it happened at least in ten constituencies and the contestants from both the big parties are deleted from the list of contestants for the election, that action will be the real justice. It will be a lesson for others. Otherwise, it will become a compromise.  And many questions will be raised like, ‘How much amount should be given to take action? or what the punishment for the culprits?’  

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