Sunday 24 July 2016

Film Literature Confluence – a Movement

I had conducted the ‘Film Literature Confluence’ as a meeting on topics and reviews related to film and literature continuously for the last five years. Really I did it for my passion toward the film and literature.
I started this confluence to unite the film and literature fields together and make an effective friendship circle among the film fraternity. And I conducted the all the meetings so far successfully.
But the confluence is reached to only a minimum area up to which I had personal contact. Because I had conducted all those meetings inside the short circle only.  And I conducted those meetings only in a small manner.
I couldn’t develop it the next level, because I had no money to spend more to make it bigger. Some friends came forward to help me. But I didn’t accept because of shyness and fear of losing dignity. Still a few of my well wishers helped me in this process.
And one more reason for the lack of pace in the development process is my personal aims and works. As I am working in the film industry for the last twenty years and I am looking for the chance to direct a film, I couldn’t concentrate on this confluence work.
In the meantime only I realize many things about real film making and I started to write ‘How to Make Hit Movies’. As the first part of it, I had completed ‘Cinema, the Art of Producers’. That experience makes me to rethink about my own style of work.
Now I understand the mistakes of the past and way to the future. So, I united both of my personal aims and the objectives of Film Literature Confluence together. I found it is best solution for all the hurdles in front of me. (In the meantime I understand the fact; ‘Social service without any selfishness will not continue for long time’.)
Today, I started to concentrate on the confluence works fulltime sincerely. Fix the aims and objectives of the confluence clearly. I had started to work to bring the confluence to the next level as an ‘Independent Film Movement’. And I started to request the help and co-operation of all friends and well wishers by telling those objectives.
I hope to make this movement a great success with the help of all, who love film and literature. And I hope all my efforts and works of coming days will develop me and this confluence to the next level.


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