Wednesday 24 May 2017

Double bullock Cart Road

By reviewing the route came so far, accessing the experience gained, analyzing the works done for years in film and literary fields, thinking about the good and bad seen by conducting the Film Literature Confluence since 2011, I saw only a double bullock cart road ahead when continue the life journey.
There is no doubt that the Film Literature Confluence became the foundation for all other works. Really I didn’t recognize it so far. I had thought that the confluence is different and my film literature works are different. But the time totally changed my thoughts.
Only when I decided to conduct this confluence as professional now as my friends and well wishers advices, I understand that how much this change is important and how much time I wasted without seeing it. Now I know that, working full pledged to reach the objectives of the confluence itself will useful for my other works also.    
So, I started Cine Artistes Circle as the the next attempt on the seventh year of Film Literature Confluence.
At the same time, two services ‘Kamalabala Scripts and Film Friendship Production’ under the confluence have been commenced for exclusively for film works. As making a good foundation for both these services at the same time, a film has been planned to be made under a new group production method, on the basis of ‘Pnniyin Selvan’ written by Late Kalki. 
Both these ways are not separated. Both are the footsteps of the same cart route only. Both are parallel, going smoothly, and have to go smoothly. 
So, I am going to lead my journey through this double road, I am continuing the Ponniyin Selvan film works at the same time conducting the programs of Film Literature Confluence.

Let us see the details about the programs of Film Literature Confluence and works of Ponniyin Selvan film, in the coming posts.  

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