Saturday 27 May 2017

Cine Artists Circle – the beginning

Dear friends,

I am very proud to announce that our Film Literature Confluence, which had been started with the thoughts like ‘the film and literature fields should be united together and a friendship circle among film fraternity should be created’, has been conducting successfully for more than six years continuously!

Now, our confluence is going forward with many more thoughts like ‘should find solution for some problems in the film field, should guide for alternate views in film field, a few basic changes should be brought as everyone working in the film field will be benefitted’. 

‘Cine Artits Circle’ has been commenced as a first step toward those objectives, for all in the film industry, who are searching for chance, searching for success, loving the films and making films.


All the artists (Actors, Writers, Directors, Technicians, Producers and Fans) should be united inside a friendship circle!
The names and contact numbers of everyone should be added to a network(Film Literature Directory)!
A platform should be made for meeting one another in a function every week and in a festival every month!
A path should be made to enjoy the films, to understand, to learn. to practice. and to share!
Good films and talented persons should be selected, praised, help and motivated!

Make film teams (Actors, Writers, Directors, Technicians and Producers)from the Artists Circle !
Help them to take short films or feature films and co-ordinate all of them!
Select good ones from the short films and feature films released newly, analyze, praise the creators and review the creations!   
Understand and share whatever happens in and whatever needed for the industry!
For that, conduct seminars, workshops, short film analysis meet and film analysis meets!

I am inviting the friends in the film and literature world to join this friendship circle..
Let us join together.. win together..

Kamalabala B.Vijayan 

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