Friday 27 October 2017


(The list of members is starting with these proud members...)


To participate in all programs of Film Literature Confluence…
To get the information from the confluence up to date…
To share your thoughts and experience in film and literature…
To enjoy and learn by getting together…


You can join directly or on line…
There will be two sections (Cine Artists Circle & Writers and Readers Circle) and friends can join both the sections…
A donation/subscription amount (minimum Rs 1000 and it also can be paid in two installments by students and assistant creators) should be paid/sent through bank or through friends along with the membership form…
Get the membership card directly or on line…

Membership form:

Name :
Occupation/Department :
(Only one)
Ph.No :
E mail :
Address :

Declaration : I agree to abide by the rules and regulations of the Confluence.

Date :
Signature (no need when send from your mail)

For direct enrollment contact +919445376497

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