Friday 27 October 2017

PONNIYIN SELVAN – a new beginning

Dear Friends,

I am very proud to announce that our Film Literature Confluence, which was started with thoughts like, the film and literary fields should be united together and a friendship circle should be developed amongst the film fraternity, had been conducted successfully for the last seven years continuously and the eighth anniversary is going to be conducted in the coming January(2018).
Now, I had planned some new programs to make all understand the works, thoughts and new targets of our confluence. Along with that I had been continued the works of film ‘Ponniyin Selvan’ parallel to those works, as to prove these thoughts in practical. 
But, current situations, a few sweet memories, many souring experiences and the advices of friends and well wishers in recent days, gave me a clarity, confidence and strength to make a way to unite all these works as a single plan to complete.  
As per that plan, all the upcoming programs of our confluence (weekly meets, discussions, classes, seminars etc.) will be based on the script development and production process of the Ponniyin Selvan. The programs will be conducted as an official announcement about these works will be done in the anniversary of our confluence in coming January.
I request the help of all friends, groups and institutions to meet all persons associated with film and literature through these programs.
I am inviting all friends of film and literature, to join me in this new movement, to advice in script development and film production process, to share their experience and to learn. Especially I am inviting the friends who love the novel ‘Ponniyin Selvan’.

Come on.. Let us bring a change in the film field!

With love
Kamalabala B.Vijyan

For more details: or facebook/Kamalabala B Vijayan

Current Targets of our Confluence:

# Develop professional film writers..
# Learn to make films and make film to learn..
# Unite institutes (students) and film field (creators)..
# Guide and co-ordinate all from ‘Script’ to Screen’..
# Introduce creators to projects and projects to creators..
# Encourage entrepreneurs in film, media and publications..
# Introduce the contents in the book ‘How to Win in Film Field (Part 1: Cinema, the art of Producers)

It is not only for persons already working in film field and persons searching for chance in the field, but also for all who love cinema!

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