Saturday 3 February 2018

CINEMA GURUKULAM - An Introduction


Exclusively for Screen Writing & Film Production

An Introduction


* Give chance for talents..

* Give guidance for their own projects..

* Start Film Literature Clubs in all streets, colleges and institutes..

* Bring film and film making to all areas..

* Promote good creations and creators..

* Selected candidates will be appointed in our projects and/or other projects..

* Experience not required..

* Visual communication & film institute students and Short film makers are preferred..

* In the beginning it had been planned as to start as Cinema Tuition Service..

* Then planned to run as Script Workshop and Film Workshop..

* It is to give basic knowledge of literature, film making and mass media..

* It is not an institute.. It is a movement to develop producers in the media (Film/TV/Net/Press)..

* It is to bring back the goodness of old studio system and to link it with modern style..

* A simple route for the new learners... A different route for the experienced...

* An alternate view/movement to bring changes in films and film field

* No students.. Only friends..

* Pay no personal service.. Do only professional work..

* Meet in parks.. Select.. Meet in office.. Work for the project.. Learn from the class and experience..

* Speak always to motivate..

* Separate works.. Separate teams..

* Part time and Full time association with the projects..

* Consultancy and guidance for individual projects.. (Short films/Films/Stage Plays/Books)

* Help to act/make/learn/crate and enjoy..

* Help to join together and to win together..

* Up to 90% discount in fees on the basis of enthusiasm, talent and hard work..
(The First Special Project is starting soon...)

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