Wednesday 23 June 2021

Simple Medicine for Corona



Dear friends,

Last month my family and myself got affected by the Covid 19 virus and we had been hospitalized and commanded home quarantine for a long period. Even after that, We have to take rest for a long time because of the tiredness of corona effect

In that period I decided to do something for the patients and all the people fear of Covid 19. But I'm sure that I could not do anything physically. So first I think to share my feelings and experience to my friends.

And before that I want to share a good thing useful for all those friends. As a service or duty, I would like to share a simple medicine for the Covid 19 virus. I am not a doctor or medical practitioner. So I could not do anything professionally.

Whatever the things I got through social media or some other media only can I can share. There are so many videos and notes in the social media about Covid. From them I selected only one video and I want to share it to my friends.

That video was shared by a doctor, Siddha doctor. He was very much popular in Tamilnadu, and especially he will make notes and videos in Tamil about so many diseases and medicine for them. He makes some videos related to corona disease also. I selected one all among them.

You may ask why this video only?

Dear friends, I felt this video is very very simple and most effective. There is a saying in Tamil. ‘Food is the medicine, and medicine is the food’. On that basis our doctor K.Sivaraman told something very much simple for the corona patients.

We also follow the same when we are in home quarantine. I would like to share this video to all my friends even away from Tamilnadu. I want to share this video to all my friends who don't know Tamil to understand that medicine properly. Now I am translating his words in my own language.

So many good bacteria and viruses are in this world. Sometimes some virus will attack the human being and will go away without affecting more and more.

Like that, if the corona virus also going away without affecting too much, that will be very good. Otherwise we have to tackle it.

Already the vaccines are spread throughout the world and almost all people started to take the vaccines. When we affected by the Covid 19  virus or fear of Covid 19  virus, best way to overcome the disease is having some simple medicine.

In the morning make a drink. Please take 5 ml ginger juice, crush the ginger and squeeze to get the juice and 5 ml of lemon juice. 5 ml of ginger juice and 5  ml of lemon juice, mix it with semi hot water of 150 ml, like a small glass. Semi hot water, don't with boiling hot and have it in the morning.

In the evening or night, you can have dry ginger coriander coffee. To make the dry ginger coriander coffee, you can prepare the powder first and can use it regularly.

Take  100 gram of coriander, 75 gram of dried ginger, 25 gram of pepper and four or five cardamom. Put all these together and make it powder, and you take a spoon of this powder and put in the boiling water. Let it boil well. If you want, you can add coffee powder also. Add sweet as you need. Better use jaggery than white sugar. You can drink it regularly.

And if you need a drink in the morning like 11 or  11.30 AM, you can have a gooseberry or you take the juice of the gooseberry and drink.

And once or twice a week you can have a handful of ground nut.

This is the medicine to use regularly. Ginger lemon water in the morning, dry ginger coriander coffee in the evening or night, gooseberry in the forenoon, and a handful of groundnut once or twice in a week!

Dear friends, there is no proper medicine for Covid so far in this world. Supplementary food to make the human body immune to the virus only giving throughout the world. That is the treatment. Along with that, doctors will give just a simple medicine like paracetamol or medicine for some other diseases in the body. Not for Covid 19, especially for the treatment of Covid.

The supplementary food contains zinc, protein, vitamin C and D. These are the supplementary medicine given for the Covid patients throughout the world. And these ingredients are in the simple medicine we told above.

There was a historical situation. King Adhiymaan gave a gooseberry to the great Tamil poet, as it is better than having himself. Because it is a previous one. If adhiyamaan is living now, and if he want to give something to the Tamil poet, even today, he will give only a gooseberry. Because that is so much precious now itself.

One goosebury have vitamin C equal to the content needed for our human body for the whole day. But you should take the gooseberry directly. Not crushing and adding sugar or adding cheese, chilly, like that and make some pickles.

You have it directly or crush it and have the juice.

Coriander have an ingredient taimocame. That is the medicine for corona, which is found from the experiments now.

Ginger will control all the viruses affecting the respiratory system in the human body. Usually the elders will tell that this is good for digestion and gas. Really it is very much useful to control the viruses.

Groundnut had so much protein, that is the immune buildup in our body. Additionally to the protein it had zinc and celenium also.

So all these things control the virus affecting our body. All these things control the Covid virus.

Dear friends, please have these medicine, symbol medicine at least up to get vaccinated twice and the vaccine came to effect.  I hope it will be very much useful for all of you.

And I would like to thank and dedicate this video to Dr K Sivaraman.


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