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Why English?



Dear friends,

whenever I start to speak in English, some of my friends will arise a question “why you are speaking in English while your mother tongue is Malayalam and you are very much fluent in Tamil?”

Now I have decided to speak everything in English in this channel. So, now I want to clarify the doubts of my friends or I want to reply some of the questions of my friends.

Question number one.

“Why this?”

Which means ‘why are you speaking in English’.

Dear friends, in this world at the current situation, most of the people wanted to speak in English for professional or personal or some other purpose. Everyone wants to communicate to the world to a larger area and to a larger number of people in this world. For that purpose, English is the easiest and most spread language for the time period. That's why everyone want to speak in English.

But most of the people fear to speak in English, because they have no confidence to speak. They have a fear in their mind that we will commit mistakes we can't speak fluent English and others will misunderstand us, like that so many fears in their mind. And that make them fear to speak. I want to give some confidence for those friends in my own way, what I can do in a simple manner. I want to do something for those friends. That is why I am speaking English.

I am not a scholar in English. Still I am speaking in English. When seeing this or watching this, if one or two friends may come forward to speak in English, they may get confidence to speak in English, that's all. That is my aim. And that's why I am speaking in English. More than that I have some convenience in speaking English.

Second question.

What is this?

That means ‘are you going to take a class or going to conduct a course etc’

No. I don't want to take any class or conduct a course to give confidence to speak in English. if you want to write exams, like MA English exam, BA English exam or even th standard English exam, you please go to school, college or some other institutes and learn the course or class properly. This is not the platform for that. I am simply want to encourage my friends. I am doing this showing it, I would like to encourage and invite my friends to follow the same. That's all.

I hope this attempt, Easy English attempt will be the beginning of a new movement, that is mother tongue movement. That is my future aim. Everyone should learn, study everything through mother tongue and everyone should communicate whatever they want to tell to the world through English.

Question number three

For whom?

Which means ‘for whom you are speaking in English’.

Actually I want to encourage and communicate with all my friends studied and studying in the high school in regional language media or mother tongue. And I want to encourage them. At the same time I would like to invite all my friends who are fluent in speaking English. But there is a challenge for them.

‘You must speak English with simple words and simple sentences as other friends studied or studying in high school in regional language medium can understand. If you do that, that will be very useful for them to learn speaking English. I am doing my part. I am doing what I can do. I am just speaking in English even with mistakes, without grammar. I prefer simplicity to the grammar. I prefer simplicity more than grammar. I want to just communicate. I want to make every friend just communicate. So I am concentrating or my friends studied or studying in the high school.

I hope other friends who are very much fluent in English can understand this. If I talk to them, these friends could not understand. So, I would like to concentrate on simple English, my own English, that is Indian English.

Next question.

Why English?

Dear friends, many languages spread to larger areas and to larger number of people in this world. But among them,

English is the most using language for the time being. I don't want to analyze or criticize or appreciate the reasons and causes for that. That is history we can't change. Because of the historical actions happened in this world, automatically English spread it to more people and more areas.

India is not different from that. But there is a difference in India. In our nation English had been respected by all people than any other language. In our India we respect English as the symbol of power, symbol of education and symbol of intelligence.

If you are a doctor or Ph.D doctor in your language like Malayalam, Tamil, Hindi, or whatever it may be, if you speak for more than two hours in a stage and after that if a person come and speak a few sentences in English, the viewers will respect that man than you. We can't blame the viewers. That is in our blood.

We think English is the symbol of power and intelligence. That is the history. Till this day we are following the same. That is why most of our friends sending their children to English medium schools. it may be for professional reason or personal reason or whatever, that is the truth. And I want to reach those students. That's why I am speaking or I am trying to speak in English.

Next question.

Can talk with mistakes?

This question arises because I am talking English without concentrating or without bothering about grammar. And now, here and there I am mixing words from my mother tongue and Tamil.

Here I want to ask a question. All we are speaking in our own languages, mother tongue or regional language from childhood. By practice we are speaking the language. Are you sure that you are speaking your mother tongue without mistake? No.

All we are speaking our language with mistakes. Because we don't bother about the grammar. We learn the language from the practice, from childhood. So we didn't care about the grammatical mistakes. When you are not bothering about the mistakes in your own language, why are you bother about the mistakes in another language. I don't care. I want to just communicate whatever I feel or whatever I want to tell to my friends.

That's why I want to simplify more and more. Actually for the last three years I am learning to simplify the language, even though I know the mistakes or grammar. I want to simplify even with the mistakes, even with the Malayalam and Tamil words. In this time I want to remind you one thing.

There is a saying in our language “If you learned one more language, you will get the power of one more person. If you learn one more language you will get power of one more person. I would like to say, if you learn English, you will get power of two more persons.

Next question.

How learned?

Which means how do you learn. I am not a scholar in English. I didn't study English in the degree level. I just learned English in the high school. I had studied in the Malayalam medium school. You can understand what much everyone can learn from the school. Still I practice to learn English more and more and to speak.

There is a golden saying in Tamil. “Sithiramum kaippazhakkam, Senthamizhum naappazhakkam.” Which means ‘if you want to draw a painting, you must practice with fingers or hand, if you want to speak Even Senthamizh, the classical Tamil, you must practice with the tongue’. That means speaking even the classical Tamil is need practice, what about other languages. So we want to practice. I practice every day. That is why now I am speaking in English.

Next question.

In this age?

Wich means can you learn in this age?

Dear friends, there is no relation between education and age. At any age you can practice or learn anything. Most of the people didn't speak English only because they didn't get chance to speak. That is the truth. Even though studied up to master degree, some people found struggling to speak in English. Because they got no chance to speak.

But this didn't mean that you will not get chance in the future. As I told already, most of the people want to send their children to English medium schools. So in future you will also talk to the children in your family in English. At least to ask about their lessons or teach something to them. Otherwise they will tell ‘you don't know anything keep away from this class’ like that and they will not respect you. At least to get respect from the children, you must speak in English. I understood that. That is why I learned English myself.

Next question.

How and whom?

That means how and whom to start?

I started to learn English by speaking small words. For example, whenever we take a phone call, we'll tell ‘hello’. Is this word in our language? No. By practice we are using that word. Like that so many words we are already using and there is no need to tell everything in detail. When speaking if you want to ask anybody the name we don't want to ask ‘what is your name’ you just point the finger and ask. They will understand. We can reply also in same style. That's enough. There is no need to speak ‘my name is Vijayan’ or like that.

Using small words you can start communicating, speaking and then by practice hearing English and trying to speak in English you can speak. In that way only I started to speak.

And to whom? The best way to start speaking a language is speak with children in our family or neighbor house. If we started to speak in English with children, we will not have fear. We can just ask about their lessons or name, whatever it may be. That will give you confidence. Then you can talk with your friends. Then you can talk with others. Everything by practice.

Next question.

Doubts and notes?

Which means ‘did you have any doubts and will you write notes’.

As already I told, this is not a class or course. It's a practice. If we start learning anything, we will get doubts. In other words, whenever we got some doubts, that means we started to learn something. While practicing anything, we will get doubts again and again. But when you are starting to speak English, you don't bother about that. When you speak with others you can understand some mistakes in our speech, in our words, in our sentences.

But when continue the practice, automatically your brain will absorb what the mistakes and in due course that will clear the doubts, clear the mistakes. And you will start to use proper words or sentences. I am an example for that. Still I commit so many mistakes even I know very well. But I'm sure that those mistakes will be cleared later when continuing the practice. By continue to speak in English, the mistakes automatically will go away. So there is no need to make notes for that. The brain will automatically know and clear the mistakes

Finally the tenth question.

What next?

Nothing special. I will continue the practice. Speaking here, in this channel in English is also a practice for myself. Of course in this practice itself I would like to tell something to my friends as I can. I want to share my feelings to my friends and I'm very much confident that if some more friends started to follow the same that will surely become the beginning of a movement, mother tongue movement.

So my dear friends, if you have any doubts or questions or suggestions or opinions you please comment. I will reply to the questions or comments directly or through the next videos.

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Thank you

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