Sunday 8 June 2014

FLC request

Dear friends,

            I have been conducting this Film Literature Confluence successfully for the past three years continuously with the aim of making a friendship circle amongst the Film Fraternity and also uniting the Film and Literary fields together.
            In the confluences, we have been discussing not only about the special, popular and award winning films, but also about good commercial hit films and literary works. We have been discussing not only about quality and literature, but also about the technology, marketing and advertising of the films.
            Now, to make this attempt more useful,  the process is going on to unite the names and contact numbers of all producers, creators, artistes, technicians and students from the film field  and  all writers from the literature field across the country, crossing the language barriers, in a special Film Literature Directory.
            I have been launched a website ‘’   for that, and I have been adding the names and phone numbers of everyone in the film field and literary field in it. And I am planning to publish this as a book also. This Directory (website and book) will be very useful for everyone in the film field to know one another and to reach one and all.
            The third anniversary of this confluence will be conducted on July 2014. I want to conduct the anniversary as a platform to unite everyone belongs to the fields of Film and Literature.

(This is a sample. Your suggestions are invited to improvise the plan)
I would like to print an invitation like this and conduct the function in a grand manner. I had been doing all works to make the personalities participate in the function as mentioned above.
            Sometimes, the personalities may be changed. The date and venue of the function may be changed. But, the programmed fixture and the combination of personalities from film and literary world will not be changed. This meet will surely become a milestone in the attempts to unite the film and literary fields together.
The success of this event will make way for the success of the next confluences, by uniting the writers and creators of other languages also on a single stage. And that is the main aim of the confluence.
Hence your help and co-operation are hereby solicited as loving friends, patrons and sponsors to make the directory and the anniversary a great success.
                                                                                    Yours' Sincerely



This is an attempt to make a friendship circle amongst the Film Fraternity and to unite both the Film and Literary fields together.

This is the only platform gives chance
for creators to search talents..
for talented persons to search chances..
for directors to meet producers..
for producers to meet directors..
for directors to meet technicians..
for technicians to meet directors..
for artistes to meet directors..
for directors to meet artistes..
for film personalities to meet writers..
for writers to meet film personalities..
for film students to meet film personalities..
for friends to meet friends..
to be introduced to new friends..

The Guest of Honour of our confluences
so far...

Sri Balumahendra
Sri R.C.Sakthi
Sri N.K.Viswanathan
Sri R.K.Selvamani
Sri Piraisoodan
Sri K.Guna
Sri M.Kalanjiyam
Sri A.M.R.Ramesh
Sri G.Dhananjayan
Sri Kavithabharathi
Sri Seenu Ramasamy
Smt Lakshmy Ramakrishnan
Sri V.Gouthaman
Sri Paali Srirangam
Sri Thamira
Sri S.Ramakrishnan
Sri Tamilmagan
Sri BhaskarSakthi
Sri Ajayanbala
Sri PeruThulasiPalanivel
Sri Vijayamurali
Sri Iko
Sri Balamuralivarman
Sri Cable Sankar
Sri Sureka
Sri Madhumadhi
and Sri Punniya

From now onwards...

These personalities and YOU

To contact me please call: 09445376497 or mail to

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