Friday 25 September 2015

Coming soon…

This is one among the happiest moment in my life. I completed the works of three books in Tamil and handed over for publishing. And the final works are going on to print the books.
I hope that the books will be published within a few days. And these books will surely make a change in my life.
Now I can understand how much time wasted in my life so far, and how many things I have to do from now onward.
I really thanks my friend Mr. Vediyappan, who not only encouraged me to write these books, but came forward to publish these books through his ‘Discovery Book Palace.
I request the help and co-operation all the friends to make this attempt a success.

This is the biography of the story teller, Vaikkom Muhammed Basheer, who told stories again and again, and became an immortal story himself in the mind of readers. 
This is a biography compiled on the basis of the notes seen in the creations of Basheer, the books written by his friends, articles published on the occasion of Basheer’s Centenary and notes from some thesis.

This is not a mere document about the life of a section of people in Kerala, that happened in the past or happening in the present. This is the other side of history, of whole India, may be of the all nations in the world, that were mostly not had been written, that didn’t cared by most of the people even had been written.

The writings of Khalil Gibran are very prominent among the creations translated to many languages many times. The content, artistic quality, and linguistic beauty in that creations are being appreciated by all the readers in the world.

This is a collection of mini stories, short stories and stories from his creations.

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