Saturday 19 September 2015


Unnai arinthaal, nee unnai arinthaal, ulakaththil nee poraadalaam,
 Uyarnthaalum thaazhnthaalum thalai vanangaamal nee vaazhalaam.”
(If you understand yourself, you can fight in this world and you can live, even become rich or poor)
This is a song from an old MGR film. I understood the impact of these words only now!
Till this day, I had worked in many areas of the film field. But, today I decided to stick only to my basic roots, ie, Writing and Script treatment.  
And I decided to continue this work properly and professionally in all the languages I know.
I hope to increase the area of my work and my friendship circle by working with many more directors, technicians, writers and producers.

For this, I request the help and co-operation of all the friends.    

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