Friday 15 January 2016

Film Literature Confluence, So far – 1

The beginning

The thoughts of conducting a function like this is not started today or yesterday. A few working seriously in the film field and many searching for the chance in this industry are want to conduct a function like this. I came to know this when spoke to many friends and achievers in the film field. So, for the past many years I too think of conducting a function like this.
As a routine daily work, I used to attend any function related to the names either film or literature, which had been conducted in any parts of Chennai. I gone to many functions as a viewer. But I found there are many functions conducted only related to the film or literature. The functions to unite the film and literature or the functions united together the both fields are conducted very rarely.
A few film people respecting the literature and a few literary people respecting the film found talking on the stage and working for that. But, to my knowledge, there is no function was conducted to unite both of these fields. Really a function is very much needed in the film field, especially in Tamil film field.       
This Film Literature Confluence is a small attempt in the way to reach the target. In the beginning I requested many friends and popular creators (a few among those were in the governing posts in the associations like Film Directors Associations) to conduct a function like this.  Many agreed to help, but may be because of their busy schedules, nobody came forward to conduct a function like this. There is a question, that who will start this?
At last I decided to take that responsibility myself. It is a heavy weight for my capacity as an assistant director! Still I tried. Started this myself. Many advised me to conduct as a group by joining some other friends also. But I didn’t like that. If this attempt succeed, if I got name and fame through this, I think that will encourage many to start attempts like this. Thus, many functions should be conducted. Thus, the works to unite film and literature fields together should be done everywhere in Tamil film field. The aim of the Film Literature Confluence is to be developed like a bridge to unite both the film and literature fields together and make a friendship circle among the film fraternity.  
So, the confluence started like that, and I decided to conduct the first meet on 2011 July 1st. At that time, I don’t know there was any marriage halls or associations in and around Vadapalani or Kodambakkam to conduct literary meets. So, even it was a burden for me, I hired a marriage hall for three hours and decided to conduct the inaugural function.

But, to make it a different from other functions, I print a small notice to explain the aim of this confluence only, without the names of any chief guests or sponsors, and started to invite people in both film and literature fields.

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