Tuesday 8 June 2021

Fresh Start – After the Corona attack



Hello friends, once again I am coming to meet you after a short break. I took so many breaks in the past also, but they are only to improve the quality of my videos. In those breaks I will contact my friends and get suggestions and opinions about the videos and I had changed the style and the content of the videos again and again.

And at last I came to a conclusion to make some videos under a few specific playlists or topics. When ready to start I have to take this break. This break is totally different from the breaks I took in the past. This is because of the corona attack.

My family and myself got affected by the Covid 19 virus. So we have to be hospitalized and come under home quarantine for a long period. After the home quarantine period also I could not do anything because of the tiredness caused by the corona. I could not even think of past actions, or stories, works, anything. So I kept silent and took rest in this period.

This period gave me a different experience. It showed the hell to me. I came to know what is hell in this life and in this world. At the same time I could understand and feel the heaven also. Both the hell and heaven are in this world, in this life itself.

I understood that this period, this experience totally changed the thoughts, perception of life, opinions about life and I started to view everything from an alternate point of view or in a different view. I think this is the new beginning of a stage in my life.

Actually this is the third stage in my life. in the beginning, in the first stage I was in village from childhood to the marriage and having two children. At that time i had working, studying, learning as a child and then youth and becoming a father. After that I came to Chennai to enter into the film field. That is the second stage of my life. That was totally different from the life in the village.

Here I had been worked as an assistant director, writer, associate director, co-director, and director in the film field. And now I think it is the new or fresh start of an another stage in my life. I want to look the past, I want to watch, I want to analyze all the past actions and situations so far I had in my life as an experience. I would like to watch everything as an experiment for the future. I would like to watch everything as lessons to learn for the future.

So I put all the actions done so far and all the works done so far, everything learned so far as a practice, a practical study for the future. Now I want to realize my identity and concentrate on that idea. 

I am a writer. Basically writer. Then only assistant director, director, whatever it may be. Actually I forget to concentrate on my writing skill so far. Of course I published one or two books in print and a few more books in amazon kdp. But I know that I didn't utilize my skill or works done so far effectively.

So many subjects, thoughts, notes made so far dumped in the brain. I want to use it one by one to publish. Already I had a stock in paper and brain. And continuously I am thinking. So I am getting new subjects or thoughts. So following ‘better late than never’, I would like to concentrate on my writing skill. I hope I could publish the books one by one.

When I am saying this, you should not ask “are you quitting the film field?”

No. I had been working in this film field for more than 30 years, especially more than 26 years directly. And I got so many experiences. I have done so many experiments, research, and I found so many things to tell the film field and to show in the films. So I could not quit.

From the experience I had from the long many years, I would like to start a new style of film production. That is Film Friendship Production. That is also in two styles. Group production, that is my own and Executive production, that for others.

Already I completed the project number one under the film friendship production. I have completed the shooting and everything and the post-production work is going on. That will be resumed after the corona restrictions are over.

And I am going to start the film friendship production sincerely with the project number two, inviting all my friends to join.

Parallel to the writing and film works I would like to tell my feelings, what I learned, what I want to tell to the world, what I want to tell, to my friends through this channel and I want to make everything under a playlist open diary. That will be divided into personal diary, professional diary and social diary. And I would like to make posts on some more specific topics. Along with this posts, I would like to tell you a story or stories and I am going to start with a story ‘White magic’.

Dear friends, I want to remind you one thing. All these posts will be in English, my own English, Indian English. If you ask “why you are telling everything in English, while your mother tongue is Malayalam and you are very much fluent in Tamil?” The answer will be in a separate post.

I would like to make posts very slowly. I don't want to be hurry to make more and more content. I hope I can improve the content and quality of my videos after regularized the posts or playlists.

if you have any doubt or question, you can comment. I will reply directly or through the next videos as the content or through the characters in the story.

Dear friends, I want to remind you one thing. I came to a conclusion to not wait or depend on others. I want to go on in my own way. In the past, usually I will wait and invite my friends to participate or join. Now I am not interested to invite anybody to participate and join. If they join, i will be happy. I will help others and I will communicate with others. But I will not wait and waste the time.

And I am not going to fix a schedule to make videos. That will make a pressure on myself to finish in the time. So I don't want to fix a schedule. Whenever I feel,  and whenever I can, I will do posts or I will make videos.

So, dear friends, please subscribe the channel (www.youtube/KBV). And if you want to read the content as text, please follow this site ‘filmfriendship.com’. Of course for writing and speaking here will be different in some aspects. You can understand the difference if you follow the videos and the text.

So now let us start everything freshly


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